Certifications to ensure Credibility and Competence

TRAININGEST benefits from the large experience and competence of ITGEST as a training entity in various areas, meeting a set of requirements, demanded by private and governmental institutions, that certify and monitor the activity of the companies from the sector, either in Portugal or in African Portuguese-speaking countries

  • SAP Education Partner – 1st Partner certified to deliver SAP training, in Portuguese, in the Portuguese-speaking countries, locally;
  • SAP Partner;
  • VAR (Value Added Reseller) SAP – 3rd greatest SAP Partner selling solutions in the African market;
  • INEFOP National Institute of Employment and Professional Training – Angola, an Angolan governmental institution, which aims at the operation and monitoring of Initial and Continuous Training Public Policies;
  • DGERT Directorate-General for the Employment and Labour relations – Portugal, a Portuguese governmental institution, with specific competence for managing the Certification System of Training Institutions.


Certified Trainers Database

The TRAININGEST team of trainers is made up of professionals with proven experience in the respective areas of certification.
In common, they have the ability to create a pedagogical relationship with their trainees, favouring the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and motivating them to an active perspective, suited to their professional performance.

Certified Training Areas

  • Business Sciences
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Management and Administration
  • Secretariat and Administrative Work
  • Computer Sciences