Research and Development


To think creatively allows us to take full advantage of technological solutions and enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of the companies. How do we do it? We thoroughly study the sector of activity of our Client, we address his business model in different perspectives, we develop new solutions, with more flexibility and increased functionalities. An experienced team, always ready to intervene, gives full support to the implementation of the solutions, providing technical and specialized consultancy.

  • Technical SAP Implementation

    - Team with over 10 years of experience
    - Functional team support
    - Development to adapt the ERP to the business needs with audits/ technical diagnosis to operation systems

  • Add-ons Solutions for SAP

    - Development of customized solutions
    - New modules to integrate in SAP – SMS 360º and Explorer

  • SAP BI (Business  Intelligence)

    - Exploitation of the potential of SAP tools – Business Warehouse and SAP Business Objects
    - Data warehouse system optimized for ERP SAP, not limited to that source system
    - ETL – Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data from several source systems with the aim of creating a well-structured layer of information and easily accessible by dashboards
    - Creation of dashboards and reports for faster decision-making

  • Web and mobile solutions/ applications

    - Creation of specific solutions for web and mobile devices
    - Software-as-a-service – high levels of availability
    - Streamlined business processes through implemented workflows

  • Integrating with the most requested ERPs in the market (SAP, PHC, Primavera and SAGE)

    - Mappings between source and destination systems
    - Integrity and reliability of the data
    - Reporting of integrated information
    - Creation of specific solutions to adapt to the needs of each business

  • PHC Implementation (functional and technical)

    - Functional and technical analysis in various branches of activity
    - Implementation and development (xBase and FoxPro)

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